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4 Robbers’ Oil
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The Story of The Four Thieves and the Oil that Protected Them

The Bubonic Plague / Black Death originating in China quickly spread across  Asia, Middle East  and Europe throughout  the mid  14th and  early 15th Century . 

In Europe the plague was so contagious people feared even going near the dead, no burials took place and bodies were lined up on the outskirts of towns. 

The historical tale of the Four Thieves and the oil that protected them, occurred in what was once a thriving seaport city in France.

As the bodies were piled up along with their  bedding and personnel effect, it was witnesses that 4 men were robbing the bodies of any possessions .

To rob  the death was an act punishable by death.

When the men were brought before the magistrate, he was amazed that the robbers who not only repeatedly walked among the dead each night but used the dead’s  bedding, clothing, personnel effects, and coin for themselves.

How could it be they were not Infected?

The four robbers were happy to answer how this was possible, if it would save their lives.

They explained that they were merchants of perfume and spice.

As they traveled the world they had seen how plant oils  carried both medicinal  and preventive qualities.  During their travels they collected different plant oils, each with unique protective properties. 

They eventually  discovered that by combining a few oils, in a certain way,  these oils could help protect them from  and is how they could rob the bodies infected with the plague.

Aunt Lyn’s has taken the original thieves oil formula, increased the potency of three ingredients and added another powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial, oil of oregano. 

6  Powerful Oils !

This was done to offset the strengthening of microbes; virus and bacteria, primarily caused in the last two centuries by the advent of man-made antibiotics,  microbes to become resistant by mutating .

Aunt Lyn’s 4 Robbers’ Oil – can help you keep you and your household sanitized and disinfected, simply by adding a few drops to your cleaning products, moisturizers, hand soaps and of course diffusers.

Why It was Developed

When circumstances in China led to the unleashing of Covid19 into world, Aunt Lyn’s like many of you, struggled with getting basic household items .

Luckily, we had our Cold & Flu Away and Holistic Defense to use as sanitizers and disinfectants. However, this was costly to use in the scale that was needed to keep a household , office or facility disinfected and sanitized.

Additionally the supply chain for our organic, American grown essential oils and herbs we use to formulate our products were slowing down, as bottling facilities switched to providing for health care, hospitals , essential worker PPE needs.

Still  wanted to help our clients as well as ourselves, by creating a concentrated cleaning disinfecting  formula using  readily available natural plant oils but realized producing a concentrated cleaner and having it bottled and shipped by the gallon would not be possible, under Coronavirus conditions.

That’s when I thought of my Four Robbers oil, my version of thieves!

I have always added my 4 Robbers  to my hand soap, floor cleaner,  laundry , shampoo, and was adding to the had begun adding it to Aunt Lyn’s Cold & Flu  and Holistic Defense Quick Wipe both of which were being used as sanitizers.

A few drops into any cleaner or hand sanitizer will help protect and disinfect!

We decided to increase the potency and add an additional powerhouse ingredient, Oil of Oregano !

We tested by using and sharing 6 Robbers Oil throughout the height of the pandemic here in New York and New Jersey and think you will LOVE IT!

One small 10 ml bottle will provide you with 250 drops of this improved formula of a centuries old antiviral and bacterial powerhouse.

Those who already use natural products will understand the benefits and ease of use  6 Robbers Oil will provide.

Those who have never used natural cleaners will appreciate having 6 Robbers Oil on hand, when the stores, supermarkets run out of your favorite cleaning products, when products containing bleach and alcohol are no longer available.

You will see how effective 6 Robbers Oil is and how  nature has provided all we need, chemical free and you may never go back to chemicals .

Suggested Uses and Tips

Adding to Your Own Household Cleaners

To add 6 Robbers Oil as an anti-bacterial and viral disinfectant component to your normal Household cleaners.

5 drops per ounce

DIY Laundry Detergent

2 ounces  of Aunt Lyn’s Holistic Defense into a gallon container

+ 40 drops Aunt Lyn’s 6 Robbers Oil

Use 1 cup  for a medium load, in order to  both clean and disinfect.

For stains and heavily dirt filled clothes use 2 cups.

      Makes 1 gallon enough for 16 medium loads

DIY Hand Sanitizer 

During a pandemic the preferable base (Witch Hazel ) may not be available, so we are giving several options .

Yes you can get creative with scents, by adding a few drops of Lemon Juice, Aloe, MTC oil or Aunt Lyn’s Holistic Defense for moisture and scent, but we want to give you the basics that can readily be available should stores have supply issues again.

-8 oz of Witch Hazel + 20 drops of Aunt Lyn’s 6 Robbers Oil


-8 oz water + 1 tablespoon of Aunt Lyn’s Holistic Defense +  6 drops Aunt Lyn’s 6 Robbers Oil


-8 oz of Aloe Vera ( look for pure gel – no chemicals ) + 20 drops of Aunt Lyn’s 6 Robbers


-8 oz of  Mineral Oil ( not our first choice but works) + 20 drops of Aunt Lyn’s 6 Robbers Oil.

DIY Counter or Floor Cleaner

We use:

- Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar if  you can’t find ACV.

1/2 cup to 1Gallon of water

-Aunt Lyn’s Holistic Defense( the lavender scent will power outthe vinegar )

2 ounces

Aunt Lyn’s 6 Robbers 40 Drops.

You can use for your floors or make into spray bottles for countertops , bathroom and kitchen clean up. 1 Gallon makes 16 eight ounces spray bottles!


10 mg per bottle = 200 drops


Proprietary Blend

Organic Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark , Oil of Oregano, Eucalypts, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint

    Safety / Precautions

    • As with all medications, supplements, holistic, or pharmaceuticals, check with your physician/veterinarian first before administering.
    • When using any product containing essential oils topically always test on a small area, and/or with a small amount first. 
    • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    • Always discontinue use if the problem you’re treating persists or gets worse and immediately consult a physician/veterinarian.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Cats especially should not come in direct contact with products containing essential oils.
    • Make sure to wash your hands after touching any product containing essential oils. Be especially careful not to rub your eyes or your pet’s eyes or handle contact lenses prior to washing.
    • Consult with a health care profession before using any product containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.
    • Do not use water to dilute any product containing essential oils. Should you spill an Aunt Lyn’s Wellness product apply vegetable oil to a cotton ball, tissue or handkerchief and gently wipe to dilute and remove the spill.
    • Store in a cool place out of the direct sunlight. Heat and light can cause rapid oxidation and not only spoil the beneficial properties of the oil, but can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions if used.


      Tip: If an essential oil ever gets into your mouth or eye - immediately flush with cold milk or vegetable oil to dilute. Do not use water. If stinging persists, seek medical attention.
      See Wellness Product Safety for additional information.

      For additional information on the properties of select essential oils, and herbs please visit: 

      Aunt Lyn’s Essential Oil Library